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The Massive GSM Multi-Purpose
Security Tracking System That Can Make
You Between N30,000-N1 Million Per Client 

....Discover how you can talk to you car with your GSM phone...

  • Operate from All GSM Networks
  • Anyone Can Get Into This Business
  • You Don't Have To be Computer or Automobile Literate
  • You Can Communicate With Your Car And Manage Fleet Of Vehicles 

WHEN Bank PHB hit the streets with the advert ‘one day cars will drive themselves’, we pushed it aside as a mere ambition that Bank PHB wanted to be innovative. You need to read this article to discover that impossible is nothing. This technology is already in your neighbourhood and many will make money from it because it easy, affordable and everyone can operate it. The multi-purpose GSM tracking system opportunity is fresh and burning, it consists of the GSM, GPRS and alarm system. With these three technology coming together to make an excellent security feature, a lot of Nigerians are bound to create wealth for themselves and the people that will use option and simplicity available in this multipurpose device.
An overview of the opportunity shows that tracking has never been this cheap since its inception. The conventional automobile or car tracking that we hear of has always been very cumbersome in use, but this is beyond that. It is an integration of GPRS technology with global positioning system based on the satellite network that gives an accurate location, latitude, longitude of a particular location and can track up to a hundred vehicle at once including human beings. Initially it was for military purpose, but it has been opened for commercial use and the network is totally free on the globe and you are the first to have access. Because of its simplicity of usage and installation many are going to be rich doing this business

Operational concept for money making

The multiple GSM security is an integration of several technologies to bring out superb security for our market, it manages security, GSM, GRPS, tracking and response by users in one simple and handy equipment. It has a modem like the size of a small land line and a SIM card integrating the satellite and the device, the satellite can connect with the device and tell you the exact location where that device is. It can work with motion sensors, if it is in your house or around your house, the sensor will sense anything moving there and it will alert you. It can also be connected in your car through your speaker, and the moment somebody touches your car the sensor which is very sensitive will response immediately. With the GSM system, you can remotely control your car through your GSM instead of the normal infrared method that is limited by complications.

Multi-purpose tracking system beat the conventional alarm device hands down
Yes, from a very far distance you know GSM is all about voice, listening, talking and messages. With all these working together, you can talk to your car. I want to go to Port-Harcourt, I pack my car at Lagos airport, I leave 7am in the morning and I’m coming back maybe in the night, I can control my car from Port Harcourt.

The multiple simple remote control through GSM signal

In the normal conventional alarm that alerts you with an alarm that something is about to get wrong with your car, and also if the door of the car is open, you are supposed to do something for the car to be able to go long distance, if you don’t do that particular thing, the car will stop after a few kilometers as a result of the cut in fuel supply fuel through the nozzle by the security feature that people fix in their car in case of armed robbery. But for the GSM alarm system if somebody touches your car, instead of the normal alarm system, the shaking sensor and the GSM booster come alive because of the amalgamation of the two technologies. It triggers something within the gadget, and a pre programmed text message in the device will be sent to your phone. e.g. “somebody touched your car”. After the GSM alarms you with a text, you can then call your car through the SIM card device in the car that has a call menu: “Welcome to security system in your car, to manage your car, press 1, to check the status of your car press 2, to stop your car from moving press 3”. This way you can control your car. At the same time, it can work as a communication device. It has a dialer, your driver can pick it up, it has a speaker and microphone, you want to use to communicate with your driver. So when you call, and it says to speak with your driver, press this, when you press, it rings from the speaker, there is a small dialer which link both of you, you can talk and he can respond.

Capacity to locate anything anywhere in Nigeria

All these are just one part of the multiple performance of the multi-purpose GSM alarm system.
The second one is the data, SMS, the GPRS management, with a satellite and a device, whatever the position of the device, the satellite can easily pin point that place and give you the positioning, that is the latitude and the longitude, which is universal. It is a language everyone understands. If you don’t know a place, it can easily tell you. With a phone call or a text message, the device can locate where you are and send a message back to give you the location of where you are with an added advantage of motion sensors and shaking sensors you can also text a message of “where is my car” and it replies you with the exact location of the car at that point in time, with the longitude and latitude location in a pictured form.

You can add new location to your device

With this device that you can simply write where you are going with your touch pen if you are coming from Ilorin, as you get to Oyo, it tells you next junction turn to the right, when you get to Abeokuta, one going to Ibadan, one going to Lagos, it says turn to right. So still you get to Berger, even if you miss the road because you have already typed in where you are going, it will lead you through another route still you get to your destination. The server has a GPS with a map connected to your car and they have a kind of communication. As your car is moving, it is recording. If you want to know where your car was about three months ago, you can easily go type in the date and it will bring out your car moving on the street and all the place it went to that day.

You don’t need to depend on any company to manage your tracking

It is an owner-managed device, this is an added feature and it has land mark gadget. Normally you have to depend on those people that are doing this tracking to find your car. They are the only ones that can interpret the signals. At times it may happen in the midnight and there could be power failure. And because the tracking has a limited time of four hours, a particular car that is stolen would have been driven out of Nigeria and since those tracking conventional devices has limitation of coverage, you cannot get your car back. But the multi-purpose system has land map gadget, it can be integrated by anyone, you don’t need any laptop or internet access to do it, it is customized to the Nigerian environment, so you do not need additional help to interpret it, you need only your GSM phones because they have been able to get all the locations to put in it to make their own customized map.

Uses of the multiple systems
The advantage is to the owner of the car, the assets. For security and transparency. This equipment is independent of the installer, he installs and hands it over to the customer. The owner manages everything with his own password the moment you give it to him, the installer does not have access to it again. It can track and cover somebody’s movement The unique thing about this system is its detective feature. You can tag somebody in a small gathering, even for life coverage, once the SIM card is there. When someone is going for an interview somewhere, you can make a call to the SIM card in the gadget and you can listen to everything happening there. You can use it to track your kids Imagine when you type “find” for example, it tells you “moving at Marina road, Lagos with speed 50km/h at exactly 1.05pm, April 20”. It is as easy as that. You do not need to depend on any company to find or interpret the position of any car. Another example is when you want to remotely stop the car with your GSM, you simply text “Ignition disable at Port Harcourt-Aba expressway,” you don’t need any server. With your GSM you have control of your car, so you can use it to track your kids against kidnappers by fixing it in their shoes, belt trap, bags etc.

It is investigative

You can use it to track stolen cars, it will alert you of an unauthorized use of your car, you can send a message to your friend, the number would’ve been pre-programmed in the device. You can use it for personal assistance, you can use it as a luggage finder, you can use it for your laptop, you can use it for power monitoring. 

When your phone is stolen
Your protected car has a password for preventing unauthorized user, you can also use the password to add your new phone number to the user list incase your phone is stolen with your car. You just go to a phone booth, send master number comma and your password, it will recognize that number and the master and it will respond to any command. So you have three authority levels, the owner, friend and the duets. You can use it to do automatic finds.

What is the money-making opportunity in this?

According to Mr.Peter Essien, you only need to start by imagining the amount of car in Lagos alone and can then move on Kano,Port Harcourt,Calabar,Akwa Ibom,Abuja and other States. And not car alone but human security too. Your ability to manage and retrieve you stolen or missing asset without external help is the selling point of this simple-to-operate-and-install technology. You can make 1 million naira from several cars or on just one car. A lot of customers are available to render this service to. You can charge as much as you as you want, and don’t forget, it’s multipurpose. It can do more work than what MTN is doing now and charging N150,000 per client for their tracing system which allow only one network. Since this is multi-purpose and multi-network enabled, you can charge between N150,000 and N300,000 for the service depending on the clients and the volume of clients you have per day. For those going into it as full time business and on part time basis the wealth is still enormous. With about N2,000 and equipment like pliers, cutter, blade etc. you don’t need any technical skills because we would tell you what to touch, you can really do a lot of job in a day and anybody can do it without any skill.

Opportunity for fleet management
You can even use it to track your fleet of cars, staff location, bikes on courier service, vehicles, company cars, equipment, both mobile and stationery. Since it is sensitive to human beings in an environment, you can use it for security like if there are robbers in a vicinity, whether you there or not. And it has a backup battery that can last up to 24 hours.

How to be part of this money making business
I have prepared all you need to know about GSM vehicle tracking business in a VIDEO CD that will hold you by your hand and show you how to go about this business on your own.It is well prepared and it's easy to understand.With this you can start your own car tracking outfit.


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P.S:   A single corporate organisation in lagos pays over N10 million monthly to a car tracking outfit to track 800 of it's vehicles.

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